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  • What is XHELIX FPV?
    Xhelix Fpv is more than a brand where we offer quality products with a very careful design. Xhelix is a way of life, a meeting point for people who want to enjoy FPV together and for this, together, we have created the largest Hispanic community in the world.In the community you will be able to meet Spanish-speaking pilots, access challenges throughout the year, raffles, meetups, direct on YouTube and much more... All you need is to want to have fun and enjoy Fpv with other pilots like you .One of the objectives, among others, is to publicize and discover the best Spanish-speaking pilots in the world. The Squad reviews each of your videos and the best will be Pilot Selection! Xhelix Fpv is more than an FPV brand and was created on January 1, 2020 in Spain.
  • Is it free to register in the FPV Community?
    Yes, it's totally free and always will be! You will only need your email, Pilot name and complete your member profile. No further requirements will be asked of you. The goal is for the community to continue to grow and we can discover more riders every day and do more things together.
  • How can I be a Selection Pilot?
    If you want to know how you can apply to be a Selection Pilot of the Hispanic FPV community, simply click Here and you will get all the detailed information. In addition, you will also be able to see who the community selection pilots are.
  • How do I get   a Repost on Instagram?
    The Xhelix team reviews each of your videos. Of all of them we keep the ones we like the most and the best ones or those with something special will be reposted. To do this you only need to be a member of the community (be registered Here with your public profile) and tag us on instagram as follows way: @XhelixFpv and #XhelixFpv In addition to that we will choose the Pilot Selection. Don't be discouraged if we haven't reposted you, every day we receive dozens of videos and we have to make a selection of the ones we like the most. If you haven't gotten a repost, don't be discouraged and let this motivate you, surely if you upload quality content you will soon get it. NOTE: All the publications, without exception, that you make on Instagram where any of our products appear will be reposted from our account, either in the Feed or in the Stories.
  • How to put the Public profile?
    In order for your member profile in the community to be visible on the Members page you must enter your profile, logging in to our website and clicking on publish. To check that it is visible, simply access the page Members and search for your name in the search engine, if you have done correctly your name should appear with your logo. If you have any problems or questions you can contact our team Here.
  • What is the "Members" page for?
    All community members with a public profile will appear on the Members page On this page you can: Make yourself known as a pilot by uploading something about yourself. Meet other pilots. Follow and message other riders directly. Earn special Badges.
  • What are Badges?
    Badges are emblems or badges to distinguish pilots from the community. Some that you can choose are the following: Selection Pilot Preselection Pilot Challenge Winner Tournament Winner If you get any of them, it will appear on your member profile forever and will be visible to all pilots.
  • What are the benefits of   being part of the FPV Community?
    If you register as a member of the Hispanic Fpv Community you will have many benefits, such as: Participate in Retos y Challenges throughout the year. Access to all the Sweepstakes that we do. Opt to Community Selection Pilot. Possibility of reposting on Instagram. Leave your mark in the Fpv Photoroom. Have meetings with other riders in the community. Access to the Events that we will carry out. Access to the Forum and all its content. Access to our Telegram group. That's just a few things, but don't forget the most important thing, you will be part of a group of people who have the same passion as you. You will be able to learn a lot from other pilots and above all you will have fun doing what you like the most.In this community we are all the same, regardless of the number of followers and the experience of each pilot, the only thing that matters is having fun, learning and enjoying Fpv.
  • How far does the   Hispanic Community reach?
    More and more pilots are joining and enjoying the Community from almost all parts of the world, as you can see on the map below. Growing every day...
  • How can I interact with other pilots?
    At Xhelix Fpv we offer you several options to interact and meet other pilots. On our website you have The Fpv Forum where you can introduce yourself, ask questions, spam, and much more. On the other hand, we have a very active Telegram group where you can talk to other pilots about what matters most to us. like, the Fpv.In both sites you can do the same, the difference is that the Forum is more organized, and you can better search for information with the search engine. Telegram is a more informal, fun and active place.
  • What are the Social Networks of XHELIX FPV?
    In the footer of our website you have all our social networks where you can follow us and share content with us and the community.
  • Why does XHELIX FPV have a Spotify account?
    We have created an account at Spotify with the aim that together we all have good musical themes to use in our videos or simply to listen while we fly or on our way to our favorite spots. For this we have created 4 sections, two of them are a selection of songs selected by the members of Xhelix Fpv and the other two are open music selection lists where you can add your favorite songs and share them with the community.< /p> Xhelix Fpv Freestyle Songs Xhelix Fpv Cinematic Songs Yours Fpv Freestyle Songs Yours Fpv Cinematic Songs You can access this content by clicking Here.
  • What is the XHELIX FPV Discord used for?
    Our group of Discord is mainly used for the Directs that we do on Youtube. Every time we do a live show on Youtube you can access our Discord to talk and comment among yourselves. The selected pilots will be able to speak live through this platform with the squad while they analyze their video.On the other hand, all the drivers in the community can use it to connect to simulators and play together, chat with each other, answer questions or whatever they need.You can access our Discord by clicking Here.
  • How do I contact the XHELIX FPV team?
    You can contact our team by clicking Here. You can also write us by private message to our Instagram.
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